I love art in all its forms thus it is the way I express myself, passionate with music and drawing I share my strong opinions about humans of today.
I have been playing guitar since I was young. It has been a big part of my life and I am glad to call it my passion.

As a kid I used to look up to the sky and ask myself what is up there. Now I am still that same kid looking at the sky trying to figure the world out.
I love how photos capture my memories.
A single shot can be so meaningful

I admire poetry and literature very much, my favorites range from Edgar Allan Poe to George Gordon Byron and Baudelaire.

I enjoy toying around with electronics,
making little projects and circuits.
I feel like electrical engineering is a big word,
especially when we are talking about playing
and of course burning my fingers with solder
If you like electronics, you usually like developing
and playing games. Its no different with me

I enjoy spending some time in a game, to relax or hang out with friends that live far away